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From concept to completion, we are committed to digital excellence.

Meet Chris Mikaya


Chris is committed to spreading messages of faith and hope to a global audience through digital media. As CEO, his role is to drive the company vision forward from conceptual to tangible. Chris envisions a world where digital media serves as a catalyst for spiritual transformation -  empowering individuals to find purpose, hope, and encouragement. He believes there is power in discovering your purpose and desires to serve those in need of a “roadmap” along the journey of uncovering the truest form of themselves.


One unique thing:

Chris is a HUGE foodie!


Meet Marshall Helenbolt


Marshall, also known as founder of "Mission2Destiny", is the embodiment of a true servant leader. He is passionate about uplifting and encouraging others, helping them identify and develop the unique gifts that live within them. As the Co-Founder of TPDM, Marshall plays a vital role in sharping the vision and growth of the company. He believes your words have power to change the physical reality.

One unique thing:

Marshall LOVES blazing trails on his mountain bike!


Meet Emmanuel Yakubu

Project Manager & Strategist

Emmanuel is the Project Manager and Strategist for TPDM responsible for planning, preparing, managing and bringing projects to completion. He is the liaison between concept and process - transforming an idea into a step by step blueprint enabling the team to bring conceptual discussions to life. Emmanuel is also known as "JCL" (Just Christ Life) on socials, as he is a Christian artist and songwriter.


One Unique Thing:

Emmanuel is very emotional...sad movie = instant tears!


Meet Benedicta Nkwocha

Director of Branding & Engagement

Benedicta is a strong believer in Christ with an understanding of our kingly and priestly assignments here on earth. She wants to help people understand the purpose of God for them and work in alignment. As the Engagement and Branding Director for TPDM's international nonprofit, Movements For Christ, she is passionate about reaching people and bringing them into the new covenant with Christ as well as making disciples of nations. Her greatest desire is to be a reflection of who Christ is.


One unique thing:

Benedicta's greatest superpower is her empathy.


Meet Word Abba

Chief Content Creator 

Word is a seasoned communications and marketing expert, equipped with extensive expertise in content creation and social media management. Beyond the realms of marketing, he is an artist and writer, blessed with the unique ability to weave captivating stories. In his creative journey, he desires for every word to carry a purpose and every story unfold a new chapter of inspiration. Let's connect, engage, and explore the power of words together.

One unique thing:

Word can create puns from any and every situation!


Meet Oshey Mahn

Lead Video Editor

Oshey serves as the Lead Video Editor for TPDM, crafting visually compelling experiences. He is a friendly and multi-talented artist, passionate about visual storytelling and brings his diverse skills to every project. As a recording artiste, cinematographer, photographer, and graphic designer, he showcases his creativity in various ways. His love for God drives him to share his Christian journey through various forms of art.


One unique thing:

Oshey is a loyal Coca-Cola fan, so much so he will NOT drink at all. 


Meet Grace Godwin

Executive Assistant 

Grace yearns to see souls have hope and be dedicated to God. As an Executive Assistant, Grace operates as the team backbone. She excels in organization - from coordinating complex calendars, arranging travel logistics, and preparing meticulous reports, Grace juggles a multitude of tasks effortlessly. She is a proactive problem-solver with meticulous attention to detail and thrives in transforming chaos into serenity. Grace has always clung to and shared the saying “God is whispering in your heart in the whole existence, just tune your ears, he will never reject you”.

One unique thing:

Grace is a chef, the kitchen is her favorite place to be! 


Meet Daniel Laban

Lead Graphic Designer

Daniel is a graphic designer with a diploma in Industrial-Design (Graphics Section) and a B.Sc Degree in Mass Communication. He has over 9 years of experience as a graphic designer and has served in various capacities. As the Lead Designer, Daniel has a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for creating visually stunning digital experiences. He hopes people find their purpose in God and live it for His glory.

One unique thing:

Daniel has a hidden dream to be an actor! 



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