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Analytics Manager


Full Time

Job Overview:

The Analytics Manager plays a crucial role in optimizing online presence through a combination of SEO strategies, data analysis, and social media analytics. This hybrid position involves improving search engine rankings, enhancing social media visibility, and leveraging data-driven insights to refine digital marketing strategies. The Analytics Manager  will be responsible for tracking social media trends, analyzing user demographics, and implementing SEO best practices to drive visibility, traffic, and engagement.

Responsibilities and Duties:

- Develop and implement comprehensive SEO strategies to enhance search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.

- Conduct keyword research, optimize website content, and identify opportunities for effective link-building.

- Perform data analysis to track and interpret social media trends, user demographics, and online behavior.

- Utilize insights from data and market research to inform and optimize SEO and social media strategies.

- Compile and present regular reports on SEO and social media performance, including rankings, traffic, engagement, and ROI.

- Provide actionable insights and recommendations based on data analysis, including the interpretation of social media analytics and ad effectiveness.

- Collaborate with content creators to ensure SEO-friendly content aligned with audience interests and behavior.

- Monitor website analytics to understand user engagement and identify areas for improvement.

- Work closely with marketing, content, and design teams to ensure cohesive SEO and content strategies.

- Stay updated on the latest SEO practices, search algorithm updates, social media trends, and digital marketing developments.

- Assess and optimize the technical aspects of the website for improved search engine visibility and communicate findings with the Web Designer/Developer.


- Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, Data Analytics, or a related field.

- Proven experience in SEO, data analysis, and social media analytics.

- Strong knowledge of SEO tools (e.g., Google Analytics, SEMrush, Moz) and proficiency in data analytics software.

- Ability to interpret complex data sets and translate findings into effective SEO and social media strategies.

- Excellent analytical, organizational, and communication skills.

- Proficiency in keyword research, link-building, content optimization, and social media advertising.

- Stay informed about industry trends, social media platforms, and changes in search engine algorithms.

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