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Social Media Assistant


Full Time

Job Overview: 

The Social Media Assistant acts as an administrative support to the Project Manager/Social Media Manager, focusing on the operational aspects of social media management. This role involves the posting of content, engaging with the audience, and collaborating with the Research and Development team for report generation.

 Responsibilities and Duties:

   - Post and schedule content on social media platforms as directed by the Social Media Manager.

   - Ensure that all content is accurately formatted and aligned with the overall content calendar.

   - Actively monitor social media channels and engage with the audience by responding to comments and messages.

   - Escalate any critical issues or feedback to the Social Media Manager.

   - Assist in gathering data and insights from social media platforms.

   - Work with the R&D team to compile reports for the Social Media Manager.

   - Provide administrative support to the Social Media Manager, including schedule coordination and task management.

   - Collaborate with content creators and other team members to ensure timely and effective execution of social media activities.

   - Assist in market research to stay informed about current social media trends and audience preferences.


- Degree or certification in Marketing, Digital Media, or related field.

- Experience in social media management and digital marketing.

- Familiarity with social media scheduling tools and analytics platforms.

- Strong communication and organizational skills.

- Detail-oriented with the ability to multitask.

- Collaborative team player with a proactive approach.

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